The Process Of Buying A Linear Accelerator

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It takes a great deal of forethought when purchasing any large piece of medical equipment, especially a linear accelerator.  The process of buying medical equipment should be left to an experienced team of experts.  It takes a great deal of planning and commitment to quality in order to ensure the equipment purchased meets your facilities exact needs.

Each of these three elements: an experienced team, commitment to quality and detailed planning all make for successful purchasing of a linear accelerator or other large pieces of medical equipment.  When you begin researching linear accelerators there are a number of things to take into account including: the facilities budget, the actual cost of the equipment, operating costs and the facilities objectives.

Linear accelerators are an essential piece of equipment for a radiation oncology department to successfully treat clients.  This piece of machinery allows for a complete patient treatment plan to be provided. Although necessary the purchase of such large scaled medical equipment can be complex and expensive.  Purchasing used or refurbished LINAC machines over brand new equipment allows medical facilities a more reasonably priced manner in which to accumulate pieces; thus allowing them to continue bringing unparalleled care to their patients.

Your facilities needs and budget will help to define whether you should be looking into new, used or refurbished linear accelerators.  In smaller medical facilities purchasing used or refurbished equipment may offer you the best of both worlds: superb patient care along with profitability.  Refurbished linear accelerators are also a good option for facilities needing LINAC technology at a reasonable cost such as vet clinics, industrial users, research facilities and other non-medical uses.

There are many benefits to purchasing a refurbished linear accelerator for your facility.  It allows you to offer a service that may not have been previously offered which in turn allows your business to grow.  If your facility already offers radiation services, purchasing a refurbished linear accelerator allows you to service more patients and offer a backup in case one of the systems should fail.  It also allows for machines to be maintained and serviced without affecting the patient’s treatment plan.

Independent suppliers and service companies dedicated to selling and servicing refurbished linear accelerators and CT scanners are available to facilitate your purchase from start to finish.  They will assist your team of experts in creating a detailed plan considering physical building and room constraints as well as power and plumbing issues.  With your budget and timeline in mind they will help find refurbished equipment that meets your facilities needs.

From finding a machine from a preferred manufacturer, a machine that will meet or exceed your longevity needs, to obtaining equipment without unnecessary accessories and upgrades, the teams at Acceletronics and Radparts will help you find a refurbished linear accelerator or ct scanner that fits your facilities needs.

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