Success In Expanding Medical Facilities

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Medical facilities are in a constant state of growth.  Centers that continue with the status quo path become stagnant.  It is imperative, for services to continue, that facilities keep up with the changing treatment options technology offers patients.  Refusing to keep pace with changing technology will inevitably cause your medical center to crumble.  In order to thrive and be successful in your endeavors your goal must remain steadfast; you must offer patients an unwavering commitment to the quality of patient care through trained staff and up to date equipment.

As a hospital or clinic continues to increase the services they provide they will most likely encounter the need to purchase large scaled equipment like linear accelerators and ct scanners.  Medical machinery is not mass produced and therefore each piece of equipment will have its own unique set of quirks.  With most facilities purchasing refurbished medical equipment, parts and supplies a review of the machines service history can be quiet telling.  Take a close look into what services have been performed and the frequency of service.

After this step is complete the next step is to analyze how the machine was previously utilized.  In linear accelerators each system has a set number of hours beams can expect to perform.  Reviewing this will allow you to see just how much the equipment has been used therefore allowing you to make certain estimations about its future.

The final step before making any purchase is to perform a physical inspection of the piece of equipment you are looking to purchase.  When performing the inspection you can get a detailed look at the machine.  It is also the time when you can ask questions regarding the systems usage on a daily basis.  This is crucial in learning the machines idiosyncrasies prior to using it in your own facility.

When budgeting for the purchase of a used or refurbished linear accelerator one of the main concerns should be the overall cost of owning and operating the machine.  When a machine is refurbished it is either done so for mechanical and/or cosmetic purposes.  Linear accelerators that have been refurbished operate as good as new LINAC.  Ask the seller for a detailed service report that includes all of the services that were performed before and during the refurbishing process.  Decipher what parts on the equipment have been replaced.  Were they replaced with new or refurbished parts?  Understand the warranty for both the machine and components to determine what you will be responsible for verse what is covered if the machine should fail in the future.

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