Save Time and Money Purchasing Refurbished Medical Equipment

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Purchasing medical equipment that is used or refurbished is a great way to save money for your facility without sacrificing on quality.   In all actuality, the only real difference between brand new and refurbished medical equipment and parts is the amount of money and time that will be needed to invest in finding an excellent deal.

Many times medical facilities can save upwards of fifty percent off the original cost of equipment by purchasing refurbished over brand new.  It can result in quite a savings for your medical facility when you consider equipment such as linear accelerators which can run around four million dollars.  In a facility that is just getting established this can be a make or break difference.

The most obvious advantage to buying used or refurbished is the reduced price of the equipment.  For every piece of new equipment facilities look to purchase it is possible to find something similar for a reduced price.  Equipment that you can find at a lower price used or refurbished varies from intravenous poles to CT scanners.

It is important to remember that when you buy equipment that has been refurbished you are buying a device that has been restored to its original state.  The refurbishing process is completed by highly skilled medical technician that specialize in restoring medical equipment to almost new condition before it can be resold.

Refurbished devices have been restored to their original state.  This means that any part that was worn out has been replaced and that the device is comparable to one that is brand new.  When you decide to look into refurbished medical equipment and supplies you will be able to find high end devices that are durable at a substantial discount.

Many companies that refurbish medical equipment offer their own warranty and guhttp://www.acceletronics.comarantee to protect the purchaser for faulty equipment.  The policies will differ from company to company so it is important to know exactly what type of warranty or guarantee comes with your purchase.

To get a better idea of exactly who you are purchasing equipment from take time to do a little research.  Before making a final buying decisions check out the companies background information.  Has the company been in business long?  What type of reputation do they have regarding their services after a purchase has been made?  What about their quality standards and customer service?  As important as it is to buy a quality piece of refurbished equipment it is as equally crucial to be sure that they will be able to offer you support after the purchase.

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