Basic Principles Of LINAC Systems

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Linear Accelerator Technology

Each piece of radiation oncology varies but the basic principle of the equipment is the same. The Linear Accelerator (LINAC) microwave technology, radiation, is similar to that of which is used in radar technology.  It is designed in such a way that electrons move in a part of the accelerator called the “wave guide.” It is the wave guide that allows these electrons to collide with a heavy metal target which now produces high-energy x-rays.

Next, the energized x-rays take up a shape that fits the patient’s tumour as it flows out from the machine. The customized x-ray is directed to the patient who is already lying down on the moveable treatment couch where moulds and masks help to keep the patient in a position that is most suitable for the lasers to reach the cancerous tumour. The beam is emitted through a gantry that can be rotated around the patient. The tumour could be target from any angle by rotating the gantry and the treatment couch.

Maintenance of Radiation Oncology Equipment

For your radiation oncology equipment such as CT scanners and linear accelerators to work at optimum capacity it is advisable you use the machine carefully and also use it according to the manufacturers’ guidelines.

Radiation oncology equipment needs constant check-up and maintenance. If the equipment is faulty, it can affect the force of the radiation that you feel and this can be dangerous to both the technician and the patient.  If the air-filter has holes, it should be constantly cleaned and free from dust.

You will need the input of a radiology equipment technician who can review the error logs, provide much needed maintenance and repairs. You may occasional check for connections, test the image quality, clean the fans, grease bearings, and backup your system data but most maintenance is best left up to professional medical equipment technicians.

In order to maintain your LINAC systems you may need to replace parts of the equipment to keep receiving effective therapy from your radiation oncology equipment. This should occur before you feel your treatment is no longer at an optimum level have a service technician out to perform maintenance.

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